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Monday, June 17, 2024

Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS) Masters of Arts in Theological Studies with concentration in Biblical Studies

This weekend I officially began a new endevour. I have enrolled in the Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS) Masters of Arts in Theological Studies with concentration in Biblical Studies

Among the many reasons I chose them, were their strong academic rigor and their ability to seperate useless traditions based on an oversimplified "literal" reading of the texts, instead reading with intelligence, acknowledging the multiple contexts of the biblical authors, and the literary whole of the biblical author's message. Two prime examples of this more intelligent reading are their position statemetns supporting "Women in Ministry" and correcting for poor use of the unhelpful term "Inerrancy" (see the subsection: THE LANGUAGE OF “INERRANCY” AND ITS DANGERS). It also helped that the professor who taught me the most and demonstrated the most skilled use of exegetical skills, and challenged me the most to look passed my biases, was a Fuller PhD graduate (Dr. Jason Moraff PhD).

As I write and research, I will publish my papers here under the tag Seminary Course Work.

The Program:

MA Theological Studies Degree Outline | Fuller Seminary

Emphasis: Biblical Studies

SubEmphasis: Hebrew/OT Focus


My Course Plan (In Excel):



MTS in Biblical Studies, Emphasis Details:

2024-25-Academic-Catalog.pdf (

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