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An ever-growing list of scholars, articles, blogs, podcasts, and helpful scholarship around the web.

When I started my journey of Deconstructing "Modern Western American Christianity" and Reconstructing Biblical Theology/Biblical Faith, I found three thinkers were key to my journey.  

For mental health and emotional/relational growth, they were Bob Hamp, LMFT & Dr. Henry Cloud. - Also worth noting that Jana Ross, LMHC was integral to my journey. But what I've learned from her I will have to share myself, as she has no public platform to share. If; however, you live in the Pacific Northwest and you need a counselor to disentangle your thinking, you should look her up (here).  

For Biblical Scholarship, the primary influencers on my early Reconstruction were Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. NT (Tom) Wright, and Dr Tim Mackie. 

You will find these names on each of the three links below. As I continue this journey, I find more and more and more and more thinkers that helped provide new data, new perspectives, new ways of thinking. I add them periodically as time permits. I am constantly learning, and working on school, so it's likely that there are many more names I haven't yet had time to add, I'll get them on eventually.

This used to be one page, but it got so long that it was hard to navigate, so here are my lists divided into three groups:

  • Written Resources: A list of Scholars & Thinkers you need to know; includes a list of Quotes, Books, Journal Articles, Resources, Blogs, and more to help you train to think better about the Bible and biblical authors.

NoHiding Resources Database (Google Sheets) (Linked Here)


  • Warning/Note for Christians from the USA: After a few months (or years) of listening to most of these folks in my Resources page, you will start to see that the "Emporer has no Clothes" may have been referring to far-right hyper-Conservative, MAGA, 'Murica, "Let's Go Brandon", toxic, "American" Christianity. While "those darn liberals" have issues too, those of us who came from the uber-right in the USA have a lot of re-thinking and growing up to do if we intend to be thoughtful, balanced, good-hearted, and biblical Christians. If that sounds too scary, this probably isn't the page for you. If you have had a sneaking suspicion that something hasn't been right in the way we uber-right folks practice the faith... check out the resources page
  • Endorse vs Recommend: The Resources are recommended. That means I think they will help you in some way. That does NOT mean, I automatically agree with every word of every voice. I might recommend a book that comes to the wrong conclusion but presents good data for you to add to your library and thinking. In some cases, I do wholly endorse the individual but I probably still have minor disagreements with each of them on some point or another. We must learn to get away from being "I'm of Paul" "Well, I'm of Apollos" "Well, I'm of Peter". Nobody is recommended because you should believe every word they say, you shouldn't believe every word of what anyone says. You should use them as one more data source. The more sources of data one has, the better thinker they become. 
  • Affiliate: This website includes several links to external websites, books, and products. Some, but not all, of these links may be "affiliate links". This means we may get paid for anything you buy when you click those links. Regardless, I only include links to items or places I found personally valuable or I have found helpful in solving people's problems and struggles. On that note, if you click on any Amazon link it helps this website, if you know you are going to buy from Amazon anyway, please click away.

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* Note to self, and whoever happens to read this tiny note at the bottom. As I write this (03/22/2022), I am amused that there is not a single ministry on this list from the ones I gave my life to prior to 2013. That was the year my deconstruction/reconstruction began (though I didn't know to call it that back then). That was the year things got worse before they got better. But I can trace all of the healthy and life-changing-for-the-better decisions to fall in love with Yeshua, His People, and the Bible all over again to that year. You just never know where a life dedicated to Yahweh will take you. - Darrell G Wolfe, NO HIDING*


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