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NO HIDING - The Problem

Do you feel like there is something missing from your faith walk? 

  • Does it feel like there should be more, you could go deeper? 
  • Does Sunday morning feel shallow, or like it just wasn't enough?

It's gnawing at you. Something is missing, but you can't put your finger on it. 

  • You believe in Jesus. 
  • You try to read your Bible, pray, be a "good Christian" (whatever that is, you're not sure anymore). 
  • You go to church on Sunday (but you can't quite tell anyone why or what you got out of it).
  • You have more questions than answers about what faith is and how it matters.
  • You can't quite connect how Sunday connects to the rest of your week.
  • You just feel that something is missing. 

This Christian life should be alive, but it isn't.

If you're committed to a particular theological system, this site isn't for you. This site is for those who feel that the Bible is true but the church has led them astray.

That was my life for decades, until I found a God worth living (and dying) for. He was hiding in plain sight, in the cover of his book the whole time.

My Deconstruction > Reconstruction started by facing my fear, brokenness, and pain. My "dark night of the soul" led me to the point where nothing else mattered by knowing Him.

I had followed Him from one faith-tradition to the next, looking for someone who had the "answers". 

I've been an:

  • Old-Line Denominational Protestant 
  • Evangelical
  • Calvary Chapel (Semi-Charismatic) 
  • Pentecostal > Word of Faith 
  • Non-Denominational Quasi-Charismatic
  • and I've dabbled in many other traditions (more on that here). 

He had left one primary way of knowing him, and accessing the others, so I needed to get into this book in a new way.

Once I was ready to let go of all traditions, one of the first steps I had to take was to ask one simple question:

"What does the text actually say?"

Have you ever believed something to be true with all your heart; only to later realize you were wrong (or incomplete, or inaccurate, or insufficient in your knowing)?

It can be scary to let go of what you thought you knew. It takes a brave soul to admit they were wrong. But as Albert Einstein is quoted to have said:

"To admit that you were wrong is to declare that you are wiser now than you were before."

I once said I would "never attend a church where the pastor didn't teach"... a certain doctrine. I have since let go of five such doctrines as I've studied the Bible for myself.

I invite you to take a journey of discovery and ask that one simple question: What does the text of the Bible actually say?

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NO HIDING - What is it?

NO HIDING is a philosophy that says there is nothing in life we need to hide from, nothing that requires we wear masks around ourselves or each other (metaphorically speaking).

This page is for anyone interested in pressing into all God has for us, including a NoHiding kind of Faith. NoHiding means:

  1. Freedom: We come to God fully exposed, allowing Him to make us into new, more fully alive, kinds of human beings. When we stop hiding behind our fears, addictions, habits, hurts, and hang-ups, we give Him room to make us new from the inside out.
  2. Faith: We come to the Bible to see what He would say, not what our tradition tells us he said. In this group, we do that by discussing and studying the Bible in its own original Ancient Near East and Second Temple Period contexts, free of religious tradition, doctrines, systems of theology, and systems of eschatology.
  3. Family: The Kingdom of God is a call to community. He's called us into the FAMILY of God. The exact form that community takes is secondary. It may be a gathering of three secretly meeting in a hut in Iran, hiding from the authorities. It may be a Sunday morning worship event with a concert followed by a public speaker. It may be a study or sharing meeting at your local coffee shop. What it cannot be, generally, is a family of one. While the Bible certainly has a lot to say about our personal journey and how God cares for us individually, the Gospel is primarily a corporate call into a community of Jesus-People. How is secondary, but, find a family (or forge one), ask God to help.

Freedom and Faith lived out in Family, that's the essence of the call to NoHiding.

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The No Hiding Commitment:

If you like the sound of this journey, make the following commitments to yourself and your community:

  • We are committed to study the text of the Bible for what it says, not what our traditions would tell us it says.
  • We are committed to face hard truths, even if they require us to change our ideas and even our character.
  • We are committed to be honest, open, raw, real, and vulnerable in our relationship with God and relationships with each other. That means sometimes we have to say "I don't know" and "I was wrong".

Who am I? 

I'm Darrell Wolfe, Bible Student & Storyteller

I am a recovering pastor's kid, and currently majoring in biblical studies and christian history. I love Jesus, am devoted to His Word, and believe the bible to be authoritative for life and godliness.

What is the Bible, really?

The bible must be understood in its own original Ancient Near East (ANE) and Second Temple Period contexts. Much of what we hear in church is at best a partial truth, and at worst isn't true at all. Let's look at real answers to tough questions, admit what we know and don't know, and see if we can put our heads together to find some wisdom along the way.

We love disagreement as long as its respectful; changing your mind is wonderful, do it often.

  • Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. Albert Einstein
  • If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein
  • The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Albert Einstein
  • To admit that you were wrong is to declare that you are wiser now than you were before. Albert Einstein.
I reserve the right to change my mind. Part of being open, raw, and taking an honest look at our worldview and changing our hearts and minds is that it results in changes to the way we see things. I have written things in years past that I passionately disagree with today. It's tough to face your deeply held beliefs and then let them go for something that is truer than what you once held true.

So, if you disagree with something you see or read here, that's OKAY! I might disagree with it too, tomorrow. Comment, share, find me on social media. 

Let's do this journey together.

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  • Warning/Note for Christians from the USA: After a few months (or years) of listening to most of these folks below, you will start to see that the "Emporer has no Clothes" may have been referring to far-right hyper-Conservative, 'Murica, "Let's Go Brandon", toxic, "American" Christianity. While "those darn liberals" have issues too, those of us who came from the uber-right in the USA have a lot of re-thinking and growing up to do if we intend to be thoughtful, balanced, good-hearted, and biblical Christians. If that sounds too scary, this probably isn't the page for you. If you have had a sneaking suspicion that something hasn't been right in the way we uber-right folks practice the faith... check out these resources below. 
  • Endorse vs Recommend: The Resources below are recommended. That means I think they will help you in some way. That does NOT mean, I automatically agree with every word of every voice below. I might recommend a book that comes to the wrong conclusion but presents good data for you to add to your library and thinking. In some cases, I do wholly endorse the individual but I probably still have minor disagreements with each of them on some point or another. We must learn to get away from being "I'm of Pual" "Well, I'm of Apollos" "Well, I'm of Peter". Nobody below is recommended because you should believe every word they say, you shouldn't believe every word of what anyone says. You should use them as one more data source. The more sources of data one has, the better thinker they become. 
  • Affiliate: This website includes several links to external websites, books, and products. Some, but not all, of these links may be "affiliate links". This means we may get paid for anything you buy when you click those links. Regardless, I only include links to items or places I found personally valuable or I have found helpful in solving people's problems and struggles. On that note, if you click on any Amazon link it helps this website, if you know you are going to buy from Amazon anyway, please click away.

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