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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

NEWS: Divine Name ( יהוה / YHWH) and curses at Mount Ebal

While not something to get too excited about until after scholars have reviewed the evidence and published their findings in peer reviewed materials, this is an interesting claim by the ABR. 

Theoretically, they've found a proto-alphebetic script of the Divine Name ( יהוה /  YHWH) and curses at Mount Ebal, which is significant because it comes from Joshua 8:30. 

If the item is legitimate AND if the dating is sound, this could push back secular/skeptic scholar's dating of the Exodus Event by about 200 years.

For those who don't know, the dating of the Exodus Event is debated in biblical scholarship. 

There are three camps on the Exodus debate:

1. Minority View: It never happened, Israel became a people later and needed a meta narrative to legitimize their presence, so they made this up under the kings as king propaganda, a common practice in the ancient world.

2. Majority view: It happened in the 1,200s BC. Based on various textual, archeological, and other evidence. Timeframes given by biblical authors are exaggerated for emphasis, a common practice in the ancient world.

3. Minority view: It happened in the 1,400s BC, primarily driven by 1 Kings 6:1 claiming 480 years between the Exodus and Solomon. 

Dr. Michael Heiser breaks down the textual evidence for these dates in: Naked Bible 273: Exodus 12 Part 2b

****Clip from the ABR article:

Dr. Scott Stripling, director of excavations for the Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) at ancient Shiloh, presented Thursday recent revelations about what he said might be the most significant discovery in biblical archaeology in recent years. 

The discovery comes in the form of a lead amulet measuring two centimeters square found by wet-sifting material taken from a site on Mount Ebal excavated by Prof. Adam Zertal more than 30 years ago. A square altar dated to the 13th century BC had been built on top of an older circular altar Zertal believed was built by Joshua upon entering the land of Israel, as described in the Bible:

“At that time Joshua built an altar to the LORD, the God of Israel, on Mount Ebal” (Josh. 8:30).

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